Marble, Terrazzo, Limestone, Granite and Slate Repairs and Restoration

Restoration, Sealing, Cleaning, Polishing, Honing & Maintenance in London and Covering the UK

We provide a complete restoration and maintenance service for all types of natural and man made stone including limestone, marble, granite, ceramic and victorian tiles, quarry tiles, porcelain tiles, sandstone and concrete.

Our goal is to provide the most professional workmanship and good old fashioned customer service that is the envy of our industry. Unlike other companies that offer a limited ‘polish and go, one process suits all’ service, we can provide a tailor made service to solve almost any problem your stone may have.

Common problems that clients call us to solve include:

  • Removal of limestone stains from kitchen tile floor
  • Dull or scratched marble entrance
  • Chipped granite worktop or floor tiles
  • Etched terrazzo floor with loose chippings
  • Slippery exterior granite entrance
  • Stained travertine floor tiles in Bathroom
  • Cracked Indian sandstone tabletop
  • Blackened grout lines on ceramic bathroom floor
  • Unevenly laid marble in hotel entrance

There are 7 reasons why you should allow us to restore your stone floor:


We are happy to demonstrate our service to you so you can be confident that we will meet your needs.


We can supply written testimonials from clients who depend on us to look after their natural stone floors.


We attend floor care restoration shows in Europe and the USA every year to keep up to date in our industry.


We give excellent after care service to help you maintain your floor for years to come.


We offer a 2 year guarantee on our stone sealing service. This means we will come back to restore your floor for free if your floor stains in this period. In some cases we can apply a superior sealer with a 5 year guarantee.


We use excellent quality products, some of which are used by no other companies in the UK. We go to great lengths to continually sample and test new cleaning and polishing products from all over the world to ensure that ours are always the best in the UK.


The price we quote is the price you pay. We will supply you with a full written quotation prior to any work taking place. This will explain in detail the process to be used, the cost and our workmanship guarantee.


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We stand behind every job we carry out 100% because we believe in our ability to provide the most professional stone restoration service throughout London and the UK. It’s our responsibility to serve you well, and we put our name to this guarantee!!