Our Machinery

Diamond Grinding & Polishing Machines, Stone Cleaning Machines, Grout Cutting Tools, Hand Held Polishing Machines & Accessories

We invest in the most advanced stone restoration machines in the world to ensure the quality of our work is the best in the UK!

Nick Gonnella, Director

The highest standards in stone restoration can only be achieved with the use of the most advanced machinery. We understand that just being skilled in our trade and using high quality products is not enough to claim superiority in our industry.

Below we have included details of the world leading machines and accessories we use and why they help us restore stone to such a high standard.

Stone Grinding Machines

These are the most important machines we use. These machines utilise the diamond pads which are used for the grinding, honing and polishing of natural stone. Many manufacturers around the world produce these machines with many boasting of unique patented technology. We use grinding machines manufactured in Italy which we believe are unbeatable in their performance and can offer these benefits to our clients:

Restoration can be completed in much less time:

  • Speed: Our grinding machines operate at a speed of 1000rpm. You will find that most stone restoration companies use machines which run at between 155rpm- 175rpm. Our mantra, when questioned about this by others in our industry, is ‘diamonds love speed’. In fact we use 2000rpm machines for grinding granite!
  • Power: We use grinding machines ranging from 4 horse power up to 15 Hp. This allows the machines to be used for very long periods of time and make them less prone to breakdown.
  • Weight: Our machines can take weight up to 160kg meaning increased diamond pad pressure which translates to faster grinding.

Better Looking Floors & Uniform Finish

  • Planetario System: Our machines utilise the industry leading planetary system which works independently of the main unit. This enables the diamonds to grind in a uniform fashion even on very uneven surfaces.
  • Patented 360⁰ Directional Balancing: Special balancing wheels also assist in producing a perfectly flat finish when grinding.

No Dust or Mess

  • Wet Diamonds: We use a wet diamond system in order to eliminate the production of dust. This produces a controllable slurry which is wet-vacuumed away leaving the area completely clean.
  • Machine Guards: machine guards ensure that stone slurry is always contained within close proximity of the machine

Hand Held Machines

In order to complete a job to perfection we make use of hand held machines which can utilise both diamond disks and silicon carbide abrasives. Many companies will finish areas which are not reachable with larger machines by hand. We believe this to be unnecessarily laborious and a less effective solution compared to using specialist hand tools.

We use hand machines which are manufactured in Germany to the highest standards. We are able to use these machines to ensure that our edge polishing leaves a uniform finish with the rest of the floor and also to carry out specialist stone repairs.

Dust Free Grout Removal Machines

We sometimes need to carry out repairs which require grout lines to be cut away. We use world leading cutters from Germany which offer two benefits over any other cutting tool used by other stone restoration companies:

  • Less Dust: Our grout cutters use a patented oscillating action which eliminates dust dispersion. Traditional cutting tools use a rotary action which produces a great amount of airborne dust.
  • Faster Grout Removal: Our tools utilise diamond coated blades which cut through grout much quicker than standard cutters.
  • Safer: The oscillating system means there is no rotating blade which can be hazardous and more likely to cause unnecessary accidents.

We use many other machines and accessories in our everyday task of restoring natural stone. We are committed to continually updating our machinery as new and improved systems are developed and manufactured throughout the world. We are also committed to health and safety and so all our machines are electrical safety tested regularly.