Stone Sealing Service

Topical Sealers, Solvent based Impregnators/Penetrants, Enhancers, Silicone based, Polyurethane Coatings and Fluoropolymer based sealers are some of the products available to complete a stone restoration project. Here we explain why you must seal natural stone, how to assess a stone sealing service and why you should choose us to carry out this specialist task.

Why Seal Stone?

Whether we are completing a new stone installation or restoring an existing floor, we must always decide how to leave our client with a surface that will remain looking at its best for as long as possible. Anybody who understands the stone maintenance cycle or has any experience in maintaining a high use resilient floor will know that a protected surface will be easier to keep clean and achieve a high polish.

Natural Stone is porous and so without adequate protection it will absorb spilled liquids which in some instances will stain. Even tap water contains minerals, salts and usually chlorine which are all potentially damaging to some stones. We believe “All stone surfaces should be sealed in order to protect them and in some cases enhance their natural beauty.

4 Questions To Assess A Stone Sealing Service & Why You Should Choose Us To Seal Your Natural Stone

Has the correct sealer been used?

There are many different types of stone sealer which are suitable for different purposes and manufactured by various companies throughout the world. We have experience in recommending the correct type of sealer required for the stone, based on usage, likely spillage risks, environmental factors, health and safety requirements if in a commercial environment and client budget. Many contractors will use the same sealer for every stone, choosing a product which is easy to apply but which may not offer adequate protection. It is also common for tiling contractors to use well known brands that have been suggested by the client rather than recommending the product which will offer the best performance.

Have an adequate number of coats been applied?

Because all natural stones have varying levels of porosity it is extremely important that an adequate number of coats are applied. We carry out tests after every coat to ensure that full protection has been given and the stone’s porosity has been eliminated as much as possible. As professionals, we have the experience and confidence to give natural stone the best possible protection based on thorough application of the product. One coat is hardly ever thorough enough!

Has the stone been left with the correct finish?

A stone seal can leave two possible finishes, enhanced or clear. An enhancing sealer will intensify the colours in the stone and increase their vibrancy. There are variations of these such as ‘antique finish’ or ‘wet look’ however they are all essentially different brand descriptions of the same type of product. We always seal a sample prior to the full application of these sealers as the finish can vary with different types and colours of stone. This ensures that our clients are always happy with the end result. A clear sealer, on the other hand, is one that leaves an invisible finish. These sealers should not visibly alter the appearance of the stone if applied properly. A good example of sealers which need a lot of skill and patience to apply with a perfect finish are specialist urethane-based sealers. These are in our opinion the best performing sealants in the world. They are extremely difficult to apply without leaving visible ‘applicator marks’.We are proud to be one of only a handful of companies in the UK who use this product.

What type of warranty are you given?

Some warranties can have so much small print attached to them that you’d need a lawyer to explain the fine details of your cover! When sealing stone, we always use products which we know are worthy of their warranty. We avoid sealers which require specialist maintaining products to keep the warranty valid and always offer our own guarantees that the sealer will perform. Put simply, if your stone stains within the period of the guarantee we will return to remove the stains and re-seal free of charge.

Please feel free to contact us for advice on any aspects of stone sealing or for a free no-obligation survey